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MetroPress Version 2.0

Project Scope
The project contributes to the WordPress community and allows developer and designer to create an interactive Windows 8 store application (Metro App) using content from Self-Hosted WordPress website or hosted websites. In a nutshell, this framework is a flexible app template that can be easily customized and extend it to create more awesome Windows store applications.

In version 2, we are introducing a module and template system to improve customization, performance and extensibility. There are two built-in modules with one working with WordPress.Com public API, and the other one working with self-hosted WordPress websites thru JSON API Plugin

See Documentation for a quick start guide.

Both modules supports these features:

  • Recent posts
  • Posts by Category
  • Pages
  • Viewing and posting comment
  • Bookmarking
  • Live Tiles thru background tasks
  • Landscape, Snapped, and Portraits mode
  • Integration with Searching Charm
  • Integration with Sharing Charm
  • Integration with Settings Charm

Screen Shots

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